The Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake Area

Pyramid LakeFrom one of the worlds largest and clearest freshwater lakes to the grandeur of the final remains of a vast inland sea, The Tahoe Pyramid Lake area has something for everyone.  Spanning two states, and impacting the entire country, this  area is being discovered and rediscovered on a daily basis.

As populations increase and demographics change, the impacts on this highly desirable area are becoming more pronounced. More and more people are moving here, visiting and exploring. It is my belief that when we learn about an area, its history, inhabitants, ecology and geology we become engaged with the land. And when we have an attachment to a place we frequent, we become better stewards.

Lake Tahoe in the FallSo how does this happen?

Humans tell stories. We relate to each other through shared experience.   This happens through the written word, verbal language, visual mediums such as UTube, movies, short videos and pictures.  Our evolution is entirely dependent on our advances in communication.  And we are at a time when great strides are being made in communication.  The old is melding with the new.  We can share our personal mythology with the world in ways never before imagined.  And we can learn in more ways every day.

Tahoe Rim TrWhat does this have to do with the Lake Tahoe Pyramid Lake Area?

Some time ago I was working within a forest community to help educate them on what could be done to mitigate the dangers of forest fire. Talking is the usual mechanism to do this.  An “expert” would stand and talk at the crowd.  This, however, is only as effective as the expert.  And while the expert knows much about her area of expertise, they likely know very little about another area of expertise, communication.  I noticed, over a period of time  that maps really bridged the gap between verbal information and the real world. Often this helped highlight the points the expert is trying to make.  We are highly visual and spatial creatures. Google has known this for years and has done much to propel the idea of Graphic Information Systems, (GIS), forward.

Watching how maps were a very effective teaching and collaboration tool got me thinking.  I have always loved paper maps, and the ever evolving digital map is even more fascinating, (although not necessarily better).  I have found that the digital maps are limited. Often resource intensive and they can take a high level of experience and resources to utilize.  It seemed like it should be easier. This site is my attempt at doing that.

Pyramid LakeIntent

I want to engage people in our communities and environment through the well tested art of story telling. Media and our evolving mapping technologies are an excellent way of doing this. So, this site is meant to be a platform for discovery and contribution. It is the marriage of technologies, old and new. And is an attempt at making it more accessible to all. And without the hidden agendas around collecting personal data and marketing.

The idea is to engage people by sharing the stories of our favorite places. This platform provides a place to share your own histories myths and adventures. It is a pilot project with a focus on the the grand area roughly defined as the Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake area.

I know there is more than enough content to keep this resource going for a very long time. And I hope it brings value to your life.

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