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About This Tahoe Pyramid Area Website 


Bringing you the best that the Tahoe Pyramid area has to offer, this site provides map based links to content, stories, news and history. Maps and content are searchable and organized by layers which can be displayed or hidden based on your interests.  The goal is simply to help you discover your next adventure, create your next story and bring value to your life through exploration and education.

Why use maps?

While working to start up a fire ecology based non-profit I realized that what really engaged and brought people together was maps.  When we had a map available for display, folks would always gravitate towards it.  First they would look to see where they lived. Once they found their “anchor”,  it became much easier to connect what we were doing spatially to them. This helped us to be more effective communicating about our project and the affect it would have on the community. 

It was during this time I realized that maps were far more engaging than all but the best of presentations. That maps are the foundation of how we understand our world, and where we fit into it.

Mike in the desertIdealism and the internet

Social media and the evolution of the internet has transformed the world in a span of time that no one would have thought possible.  

And it has been usurped almost as quickly.  

Data harvesting, targeted marketing, the new found and powerful ability to manipulate communities, large and small, has taken everything that is good about this new form of communication and turned it to a profit. And often with very grave consequences. Digital maps have fallen victim to this trend. There are millions of digital maps and applications out there. Unfortunately most are either very professionally focused, or have been organized to maximize ad revenue. This has negatively affected their usefulness.

What if we could share locations, information and interesting stories based on their value to us as humans rather than the value they bring to a marketing company or merchant? I believe we would become better stewards, and better connected to the world around us. 

MayaAnd that is what this website is about. 

A place where we can explore our amazing world based on what brings value to us, not what brings profits to others.


This site shall become increasingly interactive.  This, so that it can embody all that is good about the internet. With the end result being that we share, communicate and mentor each other into a better tomorrow.   

Get involved!

This effort needs your support.  Do you have a favorite place you would like to share? Become a contributor. Have you found a good resource for information? Share your favorite links.

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